Seminar Overview

The Fulbright American Security Seminar will explore how we can use our personal and professional networks to impact our spheres of influence and bring all relevant parties together to achieve greater understanding, a focused agenda, a shared commitment, and sustainable progress toward increasing global, food, water, energy, and inter-related security issues. The 4-day program will draw from the expertise at NC State and the surrounding Research Triangle region. Participants will also have the opportunity to attend site visits and share a meal with members of the local community.

Afternoon NC State campus tours for Fulbright scholars

Evening Keynote Address: “Choosing the Right Strategy”

Paul Weisenfeld, Exec. Vice President, RTI International

Drawing on RTI International and USAID experience at improving human condition across the world, the speaker will summarize the main lessons for tackling security problems, assessing current policies, and learning from past failures. This will offer a broader perspective on how to come up with politically feasible and sustainable solutions across distinct jurisdictions and problem areas.

Panel Discussion: “The Fundamentals of Security at the Local Level”
The morning panel will explore insights on how security agendas and policies are formed at the community level. Reviewing the most salient manifestations of local energy concerns, food insecurity, and disaster relief, our experts will analyze the interconnectivity between distinct realms of security, the effectiveness of local and grass-roots responses to such problems, and the challenges of coordinating resources and policies for the municipal and county actors.

Moderator: Dr. Lada Kochtcheeva, School of Public Policy and International Affairs

Dr. Thomas Birkland, Assoc. Dean for Research & Engagement (Disaster relief)
Dr. Sarah Bowen, Sociology (Food Security)
Dr. Christopher Galik, Public Administration (Sustainable Energy & Policy)

Afternoon Breakout Sessions: “Security Perspective from State Government Agencies”
Steve Powers, Deputy Secretary, NC Division of Emergency Management
Dr. Karen Beck, Emergency Preparedness, Department of Agriculture

Panel Discussion: “Public-Private Partnership: A Model to Maximize Strengths”
The morning panel discussion approaches the issues of energy, food, and disaster relief from the national perspective. The participants will discuss cooperation and innovation across different types and levels of stakeholders, as well as the influence of global trends.

Moderator: Dr. Dmitri Mitin, School of Public Policy and International Affairs

Maj. Gen. Nick Justice, U.S. Army (retired) and Executive Director, PowerAmerica
Dr. John Muth, Deputy Director, PowerAmerica

Afternoon Site Visits
Duke Energy’s Harris Energy and Environmental Education Center
North Carolina State Emergency Management Headquarters
Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina, Raleigh branch